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Banning The Future Use Of R22 Refrigerant

With the advancement in technology, more and more research was conducted on the potential harm that chemicals can cause to the environment. In the late 1970s, scientists noticed the damage done to the ozone layer of the planet by refrigerants used by HVAC-R systems. Freon or R22 is one of the most popular refrigerants at that time. In fact, Freon is compatible with almost any HVAC unit out there and energy efficient at the same time. But R22 was found to be an ODS or ozone-depleting-substance. The scientific community learned that one way to protect the environment was to reduce the use of ODS refrigerants – including R22 or Freon. This article provides information on the banning of the future use of R22 refrigerant.


The Montreal Protocol – that was signed in 1987 – decided to begin a worldwide phasing out of ODS refrigerants including Freon or R22. The phase-out was planned to be done in many stages so that the HVAC industry could be ready with a new refrigerant to replace R22. The production and importation of R22 were severely restricted in all developed countries by the mid-1990s. HCFCs were promoted over CFCs in these countries. While HCFCs are much less damaging to the environment compared to CFCs, they still contain ozone-depleting chlorine. Hence, the Montreal Protocol extended their ban in the mid-1990s to include HFCFs as well.


R22 is one of the most commonly used refrigerants in the HVAC-R industry. That is due to the many advantages of the substance. If your HVAC system was installed before 2010, the unit might most probably contain R22 or Freon. The EPA or environmental protection agency of the United States decided to ban the use of Freon in new HVAC-R systems in 2010. That means the units that were manufactured after 2010 may not contain R22. Hence, if your home has a newer unit that was installed after 2010, you may not have much to worry. But it is better that you hire a professional HVAC contractor to inspect your system and see whether it uses R22 or an alternative refrigerant.


The final phasing out of R22 is supposed to be completed by the year of 2020. By January 2020, R22 won’t be produced or imported to the United States even for the purpose of servicing existing HVAC systems. That is why you should be prepared to face this deadline with the right type of action today. There are many options that you could take in order to face the imminent ban of R22. Here are some of the most cost-effective actions that you could take to avoid the negative consequences of an R22 ban.


R22 is supposed to be completed banned in January 2020. That means you won’t be able to buy R22 even for the purpose of servicing your existing unit after January 2020. If you have a fairly new HVAC-R unit that runs on R22, you won’t be having an immediate problem with the ban. The system may function efficiently for some time to come. Hence, you don’t have to panic and replace the entire system with a unit that operates on an alternative refrigerant. On the other hand, if you have a new unit that already uses an alternative refrigerant, you have nothing to worry about. The problem arises only if you have a fairly old HVAC unit that operates on Freon or R22.


If your system runs on R22 and is fairly old, you may face a problem if the unit experiences a leak of refrigerant. Replacing R22 in an existing system isn’t the cheapest task out there. A pound of R22 is priced at over $100 right now – whereas a pound of alternative refrigerant is only $15-10. Just imagine how much money you may have to spend in case you use an old HVAC unit that runs on R22 and it experiences a sudden refrigerant leak!


There are a few options in front of you if your HVAC unit experiences an R22 leak. The most important thing is to implement a preventive maintenance schedule for the unit so that it doesn’t experience a premature refrigerant leak over time. That way you have nothing to worry until your system runs out its entire lifespan. Another cost-effective option is to replace the R22 with an energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternative refrigerant. There are many alternative refrigerants on the market today. You can choose a refrigerant that runs on R22 HVAC units. You don’t have to replace the entire unit but the refrigerant only under such circumstances. You will save a lot of money over time by replacing R22 with an alternative refrigerant that doesn’t deplete the ozone layer.


Choosing the right alternative refrigerant isn’t an easy task after all. There are many alternative refrigerants on the market. But all of them are not created the same. You should be doing the right amount of research when selecting the best alternative refrigerant for your HVAC-R system. Hiring a professional HVAC contractor is the best way to do this. A highly qualified and experienced HVAC contractor will recommend the best alternative refrigerant to replace R22 in your system – depending on the type of HVAC-R system in your home.


Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 is an environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and HVAC-R compatible alternative refrigerant on the market today. This non-ODS-depleting substance comes with many benefits to your HVAC system. If you want to avoid the negative consequences that may arise after the complete banning of R22 in January 2020, you should opt for an alternative refrigerant such as TdX 20 from Bluon Energy. It will prolong the lifespan of your HVAC-R system and reduce its electricity consumption over time. You will save a lot of money in the long run by shifting to TdX 20 from R22.


R22 or Freon is a commonly used refrigerant in a majority of HVAC-R units out there. But the substance will be completely banned by January 2020 due to its damaging effects on the ozone layer of the planet. The aforementioned article provides information on banning the future use of R22 refrigerant.


What Methods Do We Use to Clean Your Roof?

It’s normal to be interested in how we at Roof Cleaning St Helens go about cleaning your roof. If you’ve never had our services performed before, it might be a surprise! Sometimes people aren’t always aware of how we perform our service, but that’s why you’re here.


We’re going to let you know what four methods we practice during your roof clean in order to receive the absolute maximum from your clean and why we clean your roof this way.


High-Pressure Jet wash


When cleaning your roof, we use a small selection of high-grade tools that do the job perfectly to our specific standard. All tools are industrial grade, meaning that they do the job effectively and to the standard we aim to achieve.


A pressure jet wash allows us to remove all traces of algae, moss and other growths within seconds. This is the perfect tool for many roof materials, as it even removes roof discolouration and stains from general weather effects.


Low-Pressure Soft Wash


Next, we will use a low-pressure soft wash to further clean and treat the roofing. This step that we use at roof cleaning St Helens cleans and sanitises the roof, meaning that it protects against further growth of algae and moss.


This treatment kills spores and will treat the root cause of the overall fungal growth. This makes the roof sparkle and looks brand new, perfect for those who are a bit concerned about algae and moss re-growing.


Manual Roof Cleaning


Some roofing materials are too delicate to be pressure washed and require manual roof cleaning rather than jet washing. This is something we’ve perfected over our time within our industry, as we pay specific detail to all the unsightly objects that make your roof look a bit gross.


Once we’ve cleaned all the dirt and grime from your roofing, we will then treat it with a fungicidal wash that protects the roof from the regrowth of any foreign bodies.








We Practice Safe Roof Cleaning


At Roof Cleaning St Helens, we practice safe roof cleaning at all times throughout our service. This means that we are very conscious and self-aware of every step we take and follow proper health and safety precautions at all times.


If using a ladder, we make sure we work in teams to hold the ladder and provide a solid base for whoever is cleaning the roof. We don’t want to injure ourselves as much as you don’t want us to, so we make sure we are safe and sound throughout the entirety of the cleaning process.


Contact Our Roof Cleaning St Helens Team Today


If you’re searching for an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable roof cleaning service, contact us today at Just Clean. We supply all services under roof cleaning, including conservatory cleaning and valets.


Call us today on 01744 470 051 for further information or to book your own service prior to the colder months.


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Luxury Bespoke Kitchens

So many people today, desire a bespoke kitchen designed to their dream. The ability to have a kitchen designed and made, conferring to your taste and finished to your needs, is a complete luxury.

Many of us would think this luxury is only for the wealthy but that is not the case anymore. You can now get a bespoke kitchen design that is exceptional in quality and at prices which are very affordable. The right made to measure company will have experienced designers to help you create the perfect kitchen, at a budget that suits you.

There are limitless options when it comes to bespoke kitchen design. You can relax in a traditional country-style kitchen or a more city style kitchen with inspired by modernism. Every bespoke kitchen can have the features of a highly practical kitchen with modern conveniences and great features. The storage systems can be just as smart, able to house all your storage necessities. Furthermore, equipping your kitchen with the modern appliances will make life easier for you and your family.

Aesthetics, of course, are very important when it comes to designing and planning a luxury fitted kitchen.
Here, Capital Bedrooms can lend a helping hand. Our kitchen surfaces are resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. We have a wide range of counter tops and cupboard door finishes to suit you. A free consultation with one of our designers will walk you through the different materials available – wood, glass, stainless steel, granite, and many others. We will show you the advantages and disadvantages of one material over the others and you can choose a combination of two or three of the materials, depending on what appears aesthetically attractive, as well as practical for you.

Book a free, no obligation home design visit and discuss your new luxury kitchen with one of our professionals today.

Why Ready Made Curtains Area A Great Choice

Elite Locksmiths

Ready made curtains have genuinely transformed the ease with which a room can be styled. This simple, cost-effective choice has been able to enhance millions of homes over the years. Your home could be the next to enjoy their many benefits. If you have been pondering the question of which style of window covering might be right for you, read on. Here, we have a simple guide to why ready made curtains are a stylish and functional choice that you won’t want to miss…

#1 – Affordability

Most homes will have at least eight windows, and some will have many more. All of those windows need some kind of covering, which can unfortunately build to be an incredibly expensive endeavour if you opt for certain styles and designs.

With ready made curtains, however, you are able to purchase good quality items without having to worry about breaking the bank. These types of curtains are known for their affordability. As they are mass produced, manufacturers are able to keep the prices relatively low. This means you have an option for providing window coverings to your home for a very reasonable price. It is far more affordable than opting for more expensive choices like roller or slat blinds.

#2 – Variety

The basic function of a curtain is to cover a window, yet even within this narrow description, there’s room for a huge amount of variety. Curtains can be long; short; thick; thin; heavy; light; they can be brightly coloured, natural, patterned, and more besides. It’s not just the aesthetic that you can control either. For example, you can add options such as thermal or blackout protection, or curtains that can be machine-washed or dry-clean only – the options really are endless.

Essentially, whatever your personal taste in terms of design, maintenance, and function, there will be a pair of ready made curtains that will suit you perfectly.

#3 – Simple buying process

One of the major benefits of buying ready made curtains is that the process is just so simple. You only need to know two things to find the right curtains for you. These are the dimensions of your window, and what type of hanging method you wish to use; for example, eyelet or tab top. With this information, you can narrow your search down and find a pair of curtains that corresponds to what you require in a matter of moments. Of course, you may want to take longer so that you can explore the various choices you have. If you need to buy quickly, though, it’d be possible.

#4 – Easy installation

Curtains are incredibly easy to install when compared to other window covering options. If you already have a curtain rod fixed in place, you can just slot the curtains into position in less than five minutes. The process is specifically designed to be quick and simple, so you can hang your new curtains and then carry on with your days.

Furthermore, even if you need to install a rod, this is a far simpler process than it would be to install a blind. Blinds have to be cut to fit the window exactly, and you then have to spend time looking at roll direction and ensuring the control cord is hanging safely. In contrast to the convoluted process of hanging a blind, the 10 minutes it takes to drill four-to-six screws (depending on length) to hang a curtain rod is nothing at all.

#5 – Can be quickly changed

Most window coverings are designed to last for a long time, and they tend to be priced accordingly. While this longevity can be beneficial, it can also be a problem if your tastes change or you wish to repurpose a room. In the worst case scenario, you can find yourself stuck with an expensive window covering that no longer works with the room it is located in. It also can’t be moved into another room, as it has been custom-cut to fit that room’s specific window.

In contrast, ready made curtains can be quickly swapped over as and when you please. This means that you have true flexibility to use a room however you see fit. You can change your mind – and your style – as often as you wish. As ready made curtains are so affordable, you can swap your chosen style over every month if you so choose.

In conclusion

Having read through the above, you should be fully aware of the many benefits to choosing ready made curtains for your home. If you do decide to opt for the stylish simplicity of ready made curtains, you’re sure to be delighted with your selection – enjoy!

Tips for pest control with coffee grounds against the pests

They come at night or early in the morning and are hungry forever. Everything green that tastes them is eaten away mercilessly: snails are a nuisance to the garden owner. What can you do against them?

When walking far away, he releases the piebalds again in a species-appropriate environment. If you pay attention to life, you cannot simply kill slugs simply because they invaded the garden with their hunger. And he even calculates losses in the vegetable patch. “That’s the way it is.”

Expert sees poison use critical

Slug grain is often offered against the animals. It’s a poison and the nature lover looks so critical. However, there are also natural remedies against the snails. As insider tip is coffee powder. This has now been scientifically proven, according to the Nature Conservation Union.

Low concentrations prevent the animals from eating or displace them; larger concentrations can even be fatal. Responsible for this is the caffeine, which probably acts like a neurotoxin.

You can, as far as available, spread coffee grounds flat or ring around the specially protected plants. Even strong coffee beans helps; it is sprayed over the leaves in the same way as the other tinctures. This spoils the snail’s appetite.

There is no one hundred percent guarantee

Among the housing-less nudibranches, the garden snail and the field slug cause problems besides the Spanish slug. However, it is the coffee grounds as many things in life. There is no one hundred percent guarantee.

Now and then a snail gets lost over the barrier to the plant. And the coffee grounds are ineffective after a few days – so you have to renew it regularly so that the hungry piebald does not overcome him.

However, with all the trouble about eating damage you should not be too eager to fight the snail. Snails are the health service in the garden. They also eat decaying plant parts and dead animals and are therefore a useful part of the community. In addition, they decompose plant remains and thus help with the formation of humus.

Most housing screws do not cause any real damage

And not all snail species cause damage. Most snails, such as the common snail slugs, are virtually insignificant as pests. They mainly live on dead plant material. The large snail, which is also under conservation, even helps the gardener, because it also eats the egg slips of the nudi branches.

And not everything that creeps around nibbles on plants. The Tigerschnegel feeds mainly on mushrooms, dead plant parts and carrion. As a predator, he even attacks other nudi branches. He can overpower specimens that are just as big as him. So the Tigerschnegel is a real watchdog in the vegetable garden, so to speak. Last but not the least if you are done with home remedies finally you can give a call to Edmonton Exterminator.

Finding qualified experts in air conditioning

The concern for a job well done by air conditioning experts will ensure indoor air quality in your home by installing an air conditioning system. From the choice of your device to sound advice for system optimization and installation, good at aircon servicing Singapore will make your home a comfortable place.

Air conditioning is economical

Air conditioning is no longer an unaffordable luxury. For less than $ 3,000 you can install the most efficient air conditioning system in your home.

For all your air conditioning projects

Good at aircon repair Singapore experts evaluate your needs. During your call, an advisor will take the time to evaluate your needs and will determine the cost of the work if possible.

For a larger project, an estimator will visit your home for an assessment of your needs at no cost, no pressure, and no commitment.

Air Conditioning Repair

Expert ensures the air quality of your home or your commercial, industrial or institutional facilities. Servicing team of experts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They make sure that your air conditioning and heat pump equipment and installations are running smoothly.

Their experts have developed a great experience for over 30 years on all air conditioning systems. They ensured a quick and efficient repair for your satisfaction throughout the Singapore region.

Commercial, Industrial or Institutional Air Conditioning

Experts quickly repair any breakdown for your comfort, the comfort of your customers, your employees and your visitors. Their team is ready to intervene at any time to minimize any air conditioning failure.

In addition to their teams of experts, their dedicated and well-equipped mobile units for emergencies, they use first-class replacement parts. They adjust their work schedules to allow you to keep your activities optimal. Expertsof Singapore in air conditioning are at your service.

A team of qualified experts for the repair of air conditioning

Authorized custodian of the prestigious Carrier brand, the team performs air conditioning repairs on the Singapore using only guaranteed original parts and the team at the cutting edge of technology. Whether for the repair of air conditioning wall or the repair of central air conditioning, our technicians perform all repairs on all types of air conditioning.

Quality work: Rest assured that every Air conditioning technician has the expertise and skills to perform all types of repairs professionally, accurately and quickly. They ensure that technicians are trained to the highest standards established by the air conditioning and heating industry.

Repair on all brands and models on the market: Even if you bought your air conditioning elsewhere, they can repair it. All technicians are trained by manufacturers and manufacturers of air conditioning products to repair all models and brands available on the market.

If you are looking for a contractor for air conditioning repair in Singapore, do not hesitate: call on an expert your air conditioning specialist, which ensures full satisfaction by offering the lowest prices and a service that will bring you complete satisfaction.

Practical advice on kitchen installation

You need to analyze this topic from the very beginning. And the beginning of the installation is in the assembly shop. And the first rule that any furniture maker should adhere to is to do everything that can be done before installation.

At the installation itself, doing those operations that could be done in the assembly shop is many times more complicated, for one simple reason – the room in which the set is installed is simply not suitable for furniture assembly.

There are no comfortable tables or workbenches, often there is no good lighting, and there is a time limit. That is, everything needs to be done on weight and quickly. In order to not waste time on the installation of what could have been done before, remember the above rule.

Before the “export” of the kitchen boxes must be collected, they should be installed facades, and these boxes, along with the facades, should be packed in a shipping film.By the way, about the transfer film: this is a very useful thing. Not only does it tightly fix the facades on the boxes, it still protects these facades and handles attached to them, from mechanical damage such as bumps, scratches and so on.

Therefore, on the packaging film it is not necessary to save (one roll of such a film can be enough to transport three kitchen sets, so it pays off “with interest”).Previously, in the assembly shop it is necessary to cut the hood into the appropriate box (if it is, of course, not a dome).

Also, do not forget to “dock” all the boxes of the kitchen set (make holes in the tightening bolts, which will pull them together). Very often, this is forgotten, and on the installation, this is lost a lot of time.

Before the modern kitchen cabinet set is delivered to the place, the room to which it is to be installed must be cleaned of all excess, since it requires as much space as possible for its installation.

Steps to install the cabinet

First set the lower base. Then, after it is installed the upper base

The lower base is set as follows:

First, all the lower boxes are installed, and they are joined together by tightening bolts. After that, the entire construction is exposed “on the level”.

The worktop is removed from the lower modules and a sink cuts into it (preferably immediately, while the worktop is still fixed on the boxes), a mixer is installed, and an opening for the hob is cut out.

After all this, the table top is installed on the lower modules, and rigidly fixed with self-tapping screws, and the hob is mounted in it.
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