BD_Anti Snoring Chin Strap


  • Works for people who snore with their mouth open.
  • Fits men and women.
  • Made with breathable neoprene material.
  • Prevents Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Teeth Grinding, TMJ & Dry Mouth.
  • Just put on your head the jaw strap and everyone in your family will be grateful to you.
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Uses of Snore Belt: Reduce Snoring Chin Strap Jaw Support Belt Sleep Solution The Device Ensures Smooth and Hassle Free Breathing By Keeping Your Mouth Closed While You Sleep; Thereby Keeping The Airways Clear To Frequent Snorers Adjustable Sleep Anti-Snore Sleep Chin Strap Snore Reduction Chin Strips Neoprene Soft Sleeping Aids It is easy to use this stop snoring chin strap and convenient to wear it It’s made of high quality lycra, good elasticity, greatly enjoy the comfort of soft fabric One size fits all, adjust straps in chin and neck back The Malian snoring stopper stops snoring by holding your jaw firmly in place. Greatly prevent tongue and throat from falling back and blocking airway. Effectively stop snoring caused by sleeping with open mouth and improve sleeping quality Attention: You may feel uncomfortable when you use it for the first time. It is advisable that you may take it off if there is discomfort. You may try it again the next day and adjust the strap to the most comfortable point, and you will be used to wearing it. Haste makes waste. As long as you keep on using it, you will be accustomed to it

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